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Power Tab Editor v.1.7 FULL VERSION

Power Tab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. It is intended to be used to create guitar sheet music, more commonly known to musicians as guitar tablature and bass tablature. (aka guitar tab/bass tab). The program provides the most commonly used symbols in tablature, including chord names, chord diagrams, rhythm slashes, bends, slides, hammer-ons/pull-offs, harmonics and palm muting. A useful piece of software for people who want to learn how to play guitar, and for experienced guitarists who want to transcribe their own music and/or guitar lessons. The software can be used by both acoustic and electric guitar players alike.

Summary of Power Tab Editor

* Creates, reads and plays guitar tablature and bass tablature in the .ptb file format
* Version
* Released September 24, 2000
* Windows 95/98/Millennium/NT/2000/XP/2003
* Visit the Products page for more information about this software, including screenshots and sample tablature output
* The following articles answer some of the more commonly experienced questions and problems newbies encounter when they first start using the software:
o Install Power Tab Editor
o Where Can I Download Tabs (.ptb files) for Power Tab Editor?
o Open A Power Tab File (.ptb file)
o Power Tab Files Are Being Loaded By The Wrong Program
o Letters (Vs) Appear In Place Of Music Notes And Symbols
o No Sound During Playback

Other helpful articles can be found using the Knowledge Base search engine.


Size : 5,6 mb

Download Support Resume, Fast Speed & IDM

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